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Who is the Animal Heeler?

Alecia Evans

Alecia Evans is a clear and pure channel for the divine feminine conscious connection to the Animal Kingdom. As a highly gifted Energy Intuitive, Holistic Dog Trainer and Animal Communicator Alecia’s work goes straight to the heart of the matter and addresses the root cause of the issue rebalancing their health and behavior problems so that they can enjoy long, healthy, happy lives. For over 20 years, Alecia has acted as a communication bridge between animals and their humans providing precise and accurate information to her clients on: health, behavior, spiritual partnerships, crossing over, and lost animals.

Alecia’s insights astound most of her clients at how effective the modality of communication and distance healing can be, especially when she has never laid eyes on a picture of their animal.

Cali the beagle had a life threatening disease ( immune mediated anemia), her doctors gave her 3 months to live because her red blood cell count was so low. After an energy healing and switching Cali to a home cooked diet with my secret supplements, within 3 weeks Cali's blood work kept climbing. Seven years later Cali did eventually pass away after having lived an exceptionally active and happy life.

Lily, a female lab mix was labeled as "highly reactive," especially with female dogs. Her mom is a dog trainer and worked really hard to help Lily overcome this. Trainer after trainer labeled Lily as a "reactive dog." We worked together during a workshop, walking Lily through each "problem area" using the In Sync Training magic and she passed with flying colors. Her mom was astounded when she saw her true potential with clear communication and without a label. A picture of Lily sleeping in a large crate with an adorable female pit bull mix puppy with their paws touching had tears streaming down my eyes as Lily’s healing was complete.

A 12 year old Palamino named Sarge was going to be put down in 3 days due to bad knees. With nothing to lose his Veterinarian allowed Alecia to do some energy balancing work on him. Within 2 treatments he was running around like a 2 year old. Instead of being put down he was gifted to a ranch where he now enjoys light trail rides 3x a week and playing with his new herd.

As a highly regarded expert on Dog Bio-Mechanics, Alecia developed the Walk In Sync Humane Dog Walking and Training System to put an end to the choking of dogs in training and on walks.

Having already helped thousands of dogs learn to stop pulling in just minutes, her mission is to introduce tools and techniques that are safer, more effective and vastly improve communication and connection between dogs and their humans during and after training.

Alecia’s work has been featured on: Fox and Friends, the Sandra Glosser Show and Plum TV, as well as in: The New York Daily News, Aspen Magazine, The Aspen Daily News, on dozens of radio shows and she is the ask the expert trainer for:

Thanks for taking the time to get to know a bit about me. If I can ever be of service, just let me know. It is my deepest honor to serve the animals and their humans.

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