The Animal Heeler - Alecia Evans

Animal Heeler Testimonials

What some of my clients say:

“Alecia had visited Heidi, our Burmese Mountain dog when something was wrong and we couldn’t figure out what it was. Alecia went right to the problem- a strain in her back- and with her magical touch it was cured in two sessions. And we had a happy dog again. Alecia has an insight into and a sensitive understanding of animals from which we have had the good fortune to benefit. We also love Alecia as a person and recommend her most highly. Lucky is the animal and family who work with her.”N. Stevens, Snowmass, CO

“I had been having SO many difficulties with my longhaired dachshund Bragi. We'd tried just about everything from special training to Prozac. He had very aggressive behavior and would turn on a dime and bite me. He could be angry and moody, and he had an unbelievable fear that would overtake him where he would act out and bite. One day when he was about a year & half old, my Vet gave us Alecia's flyer feeling it might be for us, especially since we had not been helped by traditional methods. We contacted Alecia and she first did a communication with Bragi followed by hands-on-healing sessions combined with Bach Flower Essences and change of diet. The combination of these things really helped to center him. We worked with Alecia regularly until she moved out to Colorado, and occasionally by telephone since then. When we saw Alecia in NY, October 2003, she told us that Bragi would come full circle after his 4th birthday, and she was right on target! Bragi, now 4, is a happier and a more at peace dog with himself and with others. He smiles all the time now. Thank you Alecia! xxoo”D. Thompson, NYC

“I first met Alecia Evans three years ago when my precious Mopsy (a Maltese) was very ill. I had never heard of an animal communicator, but I would have tried ANYTHING to relieve his suffering. Alecia was wonderful. Even though Mopsy was extremely ill by the time Alecia came into our lives, she made his last weeks more comfortable and helped me with his passing, even finding a vet who would come to our home when it was time for the final goodbye.

Now my remaining dog Lily (also a Maltese) is getting older, and Alecia has been there for us since the loss of Mopsy, helping Lily with the transition to being an "only dog", with the loss of her hearing, with the loss of sight in one eye and with all the attendant ailments of old age. Alecia gives of herself unstintingly, both to Lily and to me, being extremely generous with her time and knowledge. I trust her implicitly, and in fact I contact Alecia before I consult the vet. Lily seems calmer and more comfortable after an Alecia session and I certainly feel that I have gained more insight into my dog's being, both physical and mental. I cannot sing Alecia's praises loud enough. She is worth her weight in gold.”F. Belviso, NYC

“Alecia is a true master at what she does--she helped me so profoundly with one of my sweetest companions of this lifetime--my kitty-V- of 18 years. A year before V's passing; I had a reading from Alecia that revealed so many truths about this relationship. She articulated what V secretly spoke to me over the years. It helped me tremendously to understand the deep meanings and purpose of this relationship, which was far more than just "having a pet". I realized that there were layers and layers of connection and teaching and healing happening.

It was only through Alecia's amazing talent, wisdom and compassion that I was able to understand it all. Alecia's services have been, and continue to be, invaluable-truly invaluable-- as a pet lover and student to all that they are here to teach us.”A. Hodel, Boulder, CO

“It is a pleasure to share with you how profoundly comforted we were to be given Alecia’s assistance in resolving our grief over our horse Smokin' Sequoia's untimely passing. Thanks to Alecia we were able to see the Big Picture of his coming into our lives--and to come to grips with our grief when he joined the Horse Ancestors. Alecia helped me see how Sequoia came to give my daughter, Hilary much needed self-confidence as a young girl who had experienced her parents divorcing and the loss of her home. And how he came into my life to help me to heal from a devastating accident.

We were helpless, hopeless, and in despair for what seemed to be an eternity. However, when Alecia contacted him and explained to us in detail what his work had been and how he is with us still, we were able to accept that Spirit had a greater plan for all of us. As heartbreaking as it was to lose Sequoia, thanks to Alecia 's insights, it is clear why Sequoia came to teach us all about the eternal nature of love through the human-animal bond. Alecia's gifts of intuition are amazingly accurate and allow for cosmic insights which replace grief and loss with the inexorable and all-encompassing love of the universe that animals have the ability to bring into our lives.”M. Duchein, Louisiana

“Stella and Boccelli are doing great. Stella is very sassy and is acting like a puppy. When you said you were going to work on her remotely, I wasn't sure if that would be effective. The next 3 nights when I would pet her, the area between her shoulders and down her back was extremely warm, radiating heat, like she had had a massage, She is getting up and down more easily and her front leg is getting stronger. It is remarkable.”Lisa Popovich, Store Manager, Pet Smart

“Thank you, Alecia! It was a wonderful day! I think our hearts are back together....I really did lose him.. and have found him again. We went on a nice short ride....all the while I was breathing...I could feel his soul. I LOVE that horse!!!!! Thank you again! I am grounded again. Happy trails.”M Shaw and Lucky

“Sophie (the dog) was adopted by R’delle and family. Chipper was Sophie’s companion since puppyhood and they were separated when R’delle agreed to take Sophie. When she found out that Chipper was not doing well, her family agreed to adopt Chipper. R’Delle contacted me to see how the transition would go and if Chipper would be ok. This was the email I received after Chipper arrived at her home:

I just sent a photo of Chipper to you. Everyone is doing well! YEAH!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

When working with Alecia 2 main things stood out:
1. The depth and scope of her knowledge and skills allowed her to work with both of our dogs each of whom had very different needs.
2. In both cases she was able to help them when no one else could.

First, there was our 2 year old dog, Yogi. He was wild and near impossible for us to work with. We had close to no control over him. We had had him for a year. We had stopped inviting people to the house because he got too wound up and we couldn’t calm him down. He peed on people (who didn’t think it was as endearing as we did), he was a nightmare to walk on a leash and from sheer excitement he had something close to a panic attack whenever he saw another animal or human. We took him to PetCo for some training sessions, but it was clear that whatever was happening with him was beyond what the average trainer could manage. We went for 3 lessons, realized it was going nowhere and quit.

When Alecia came over we took Yogi outside to greet her. She greeted him. He was wild. She said she’d like to check his body first to see if he was in any pain, which wasn’t something we were expecting. We went upstairs and she started working with his back and testing pressure points in different areas. It was clear from Yogi’s response that this was just what he wanted and needed. He was in pain and he winced from certain pressures but he was also leaning into her, indicating that he was grateful someone was getting what was going on with him and was able to help. She worked on him for about 20 minutes. What happened next can only be described as a miracle. Our Yogi, wild man of the west, I’m never tired, crazy boy curled up and laid down!! I was really stunned. Alecia had only been there for 30 minutes total and hadn’t done any behavioral training with him at all and he was calm.

Alecia told us that she works with dogs bodies first because a lot of times their behavior can be stimulated by something that is bothering them physically. She said that if you don’t address the problems in the body it will be much harder for them to do any behavioral work. It made so much sense but I hadn’t thought of it. He was in pain and he changed in an instant when it was tended to and healed. She did a few other things with him but once he was no longer in pain, what we were left with was a really amazing dog who was now able to listen and learn.

When we realized the extent of Alecia’s skills and intuition with dogs and their bodies we asked if she could help us with our older dog. He was 16 at the time. He was blind, deaf, asthmatic and anxious. He had not gotten what he needed from our many visits to the vet. In all fairness, there wasn’t much that the Vets could do for him. But, there also didn’t seem to be any clarity on their part that this is where their skills ended OR awareness that there are people who could help him at the stage he was at. Alecia was amazing for end of life care, both for the human and the dog.

She did energetic work with him to help calm him and relieve his pain. She was also able to assess how he was doing and where he was in his process of leaving. She helped me to stay connected with him, stay out of guilt and to embrace and love him right where he was. And, when it was time for him to go she was there for me and for him in a way that no one else could have been.

It had been such a long, difficult 3 years of him being ill, partly because I felt so completely alone through it all. There didn’t seem to be any professionals who could help me. I was lucky to find Alecia. She was an invaluable guide and a healer for both of us.

I wouldn’t try to put what Alecia does in a box; that her work can’t be put into a box indicates the depth of her abilities with animals. She is a healer, an energy worker, a body worker; she understands and can connect and communicate with animals. Our sick dog perked up when she was here and our wild dog calmed down when she was here. She is able to work with them in the moment on a very intimate, intuitive and effective level. It was a relatively short time that she worked with our dogs and yet the effects were absorbed and sustained. She also helped us to become more aware, humane and sensitive with our dogs and even to each other. She facilitated teaching us the lessons that our dogs were giving to us. It was a very enlightening journey to get to work with her and I am forever grateful to her.”J Cure, Basalt, CO